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Copyright Information & Forms

In this section you will find all the forms and links you will need to properly register your musical works with the copyrght office for copyright protection, set up publsihing companies to administer your copyright, and register your copyright with performance rights agencies to collect performace royalties due from the use of your copyrighted musical work. I have provided all the forms you need, however, you might need to go to the website for instructions or additional infomation. I have provided all the necessary links.

Registering your music for Copyright Protection

The Copyright office stipulates that you must use black ink only when filling out the following forms. In addition, the Copyright office will not accept duplicates. The form you submit must contain original signature. 

Short Form PA -  Only use this copyright form is you are the sole owner of your musical work.

Form PA - Use this copyright form is there will be more than one owner of your musical work.
                   Many times an artist and producer will share copyright ownership  and
                   this is the form you would use.

Forn Con - Use this copyright form in addition to Form PA  if ou need to list additional authors.

Form SR - This copyright form is different than the ownership of the musical work. This
                    copyright form is used to copyright the ownership of the Sound Recording.
                    Most often this form is used by record labels as they own the sound recording
                    of an artists CD.

Register with Performance Rights Agencies to Collect Copyright Performance Royalties

Perfomance Rights Agencies do not differ with respect to their core function of collecting your performance rights fees from your comprights. They do differ with add-on features, services, and  benefits for their members. I suggest going to each Performance Rights Agency and making an informed decision as to which agency works best for you.

ASCAP Performance Rights Agency

ASCAP Member Application  

BMI Performance Rights Agency  

BMI Member Application 

SESAC Performance Rights Agency
You must visit the website and contact SESAC to obtain a membership application.

Register Your Publishing Company with Performance Rights Agency to Collect Copyright Performance Royalties

Once you set up your publishing company as a legal entity you will need to register it with once of the three performance rights agency to start collecting monies due to the copyright owners that are signed to your publishing company. 

ASCAP Publisher Application

BMI Publisher Application

SESAC - You will need to visit the website and contact them for application.